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Customers want simple, practical and affordable app building tools (non-SAP & SAP)!
NASA launched the Neptune Software app-development, systems-integration 
& workforce automation toolbox to the African marketplace in Nov. 2020.
Neptune DX Platfrom app development software
Neptune Software Africa providing digital transformation in Africa

Why Neptune Software app development toolset?


Practical progressvie web apps with offline capablilty


Deliver affordable and effective apps focused on the end user


Single simplistic development platfrom

With us your business can fly!

Neptune DX app development platfrom systems integration & process automation for non-SAP & SAP ERP systems

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Our Team Explore

We have a team of over 1000 professionals within the Neptune family who can assist you with digital transformation activities.
 i.e. sales, app development, roll-out and training.


Neptune Software DX platform, systems, information, architecture, no-code, low-code, app development


  • Digital Transformation via single platform integrating all systems and processes
  • Connect any system (on-prem/cloud/legacy), back-end database or service (SaaS, PaaS)
  • Focused on the end-user
    - increased employee efficiency
    - pleasant UX, happy customer


  • API-first approach using Node.js & RestAPIs
  • No / low / pro-code development environment options
  • Browser based development platform using the latest browser based technology with a modern look & feel
  • Any UI framework Vue.js, React, OpenUI5
  • Develop a single app for any device; desktop, mobile, progressive web app (PWA), online or offline

Neptune Software Platform & App Products

  • Non-SAP - consider the Open Edition 9 app building toolset (e.g. Oracle, IFS, Sage, or any ERP system). 
  • SAP centric - consider the SAP Edition (leverage your ABAP team to build your apps in SAP Fiori). 
  • Non-SAP & SAP - consider the the Neptune DXP (integrate across all systems & databases plus workforce automation). 
  • Consider Neptune public cloud platform, or find tenants for your apps in the Neptune web-store.
Neptune Software Platform & App Products

Partners & Sales Agents

  • Do you want to be part of the top digital transformation (DT) global team?
  • Do you want to help sell one of the top app building toolsets, or build and sell your own apps?
  • If your answer is YES, then contact us now!
  • Let us discuss our DT partner options and get your WINGS.
Partners & sales agents selling Neptune Software in Africa

Clients & Their Users

  • Accelerate efficiency and reduce business operational cost.
  • Simplify the app development process and achieve total systems integration.
  • Build apps faster, deploy quicker and maintain easier.
  • Future proof your asset – Gartner magic quadrant multi-experience development platform (MXDP) recognition.
Clients & users building apps on Neptune Software

Why does Neptune Software's DX Platform exist?

The Neptune Software App Delivery Toolbox.

Integrate your entire IT Landscape seamlessly.

Build apps with our No-Code offering.

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